DeFi KYC Decentralised Finance AML/ATF
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Easy to recognise in target markets as main brand or to support main brand.

Keyword sites catch the eye and have a high conversion rate.

A domain may be used to draw new customers for a target market - multi brands work in many sectors.


the success of Unilever and their brands is proof....

DeFi decentralized finance and KYC Know Your Customer Regulatory Requirements

DeFi decentralized finance may be a new financial arrival but the same Regulatory requirements of KYC - Know Your Customer prevail. Tech-savvy companies are joining the AML/KYC/KYV market and is going to be the keyword leader.

KYC solution providers entering the blockchain KYC market will have to be tech-aware and international - the blockchain is borderless and customer checks will have to be vigilant.

Customer onboarding in Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) has attracted the attention of Regulators and new laws are being introduced worldwide.

KYC is a lucrative and growing business that must adapt to changing types of customers - a simple memorable brand is essential.

With Blockchain use ramping up, new customers arrive and the need for new KYC suppliers.

New Financial Instruments are arriving with new customers

New business means new opportunities for KYC data providers

Conventional finance and business approached to KYC has led in some cases to a slower level of business development - the same banks used the same KYC service providers for years.

The whole concept of BlockChain is dramatically changing how customers purchasing a financial product and those selling it react. The middle man is now replaced by a Dapp or a DEX and the KYC target may not even live in the same continent; the KYC business opportunity is enormous in growth and size.

Money laundering KYC/ATF

Anti-Terrorism Funding(ATF) and KYC are regarded as essential worldwide and even though Blockchain transaction can remain confidential regarding identity, Regulators are now insisting that they must be checked.