Blockchain & Defi KYC and regulatory compliance

KYC in the Bitcoin World

Bitcoin transactions and client onboarding at DEX (exchanges) is a growing market with demand for KYC services being aided by regulators worldwide.

The KYC costs must be competitive as new data providers are appearing worldwide.

New customers may be a younger market than with traditional banks so KYC data providers may have to change approach and use more innovative verification systems than previously.

The effects of Compliance

Some users will react negatively and may leave exchanges and not use Dapps that enforce customers checks.

Overall, the idea is to have safe transfer of tokens and currency - it is doubtful that regulators will interfere to an extent that will damage the honest users.

DeFi KYC as a brand

It is instantly recognisable for the product offering and thus usually leads to higher levels of customer wins.

Used in web ads or similar, it should achieve a higher click-through.

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